Senior Pastor:

ERic Troyer

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t go to church. However, I was not saved and born

again until I was 12, when I was convicted of my sin by the Holy Spirit and repented in the living

room of my home.

As I matured in my faith and began to serve in the church I began to realize I had a

calling to ministry. My wife, Leila, and I joined Exciting Southeast Baptist Church in August of

2003 serving as the Music Minister; in April 2005 I also became the Youth Pastor when that

position became available, stepping into full time ministry. I served in that dual role for 13 years

until I was asked to become the Associate Pastor while remaining Music Minister. In June of

2019 God placed a call on our lives to pursue a Senior Pastor position. In August of 2019 we

accepted that call at Utopia Baptist Church.

My wife, Leila, and I have 4 beautiful girls: Abby, Maggie, Cady, and Hadlee, and 1

handsome boy, Cameron. Families have always been a central part of our ministry. Our vision

as we lead in ministry is to see whole families come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and

serve together in a local church.

In all things I try to live by Matthew 6:33: “But seek first his kingdom and his

righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” I encourage you all to seek

Jesus first in all you do, recognizing that it’s all about HIM!

Associate Pastor:

Eddy bob Mathews

Eddy Mathews was born and raised in rural Rogers county.His family attended Calvary Baptist church in Vinita.

Eddy started searching for peace through the Grief of his oldest brother Allen’s death.

(Allen sacrificed his life attempting to save a child drowning.)

Eddy recalls his mother sharing from John’s Gospel, 14th chapter.(about a home that is being prepared for those who place their trust in Jesus as the only way to Salvation). Eddy headed that call and gave his life to the Lord.   

Eddy graduated from Chelsea public schools then attended Roger’s university and shortly after began a career in law enforcement.

While in high school he met Sandy, they were married in 1984 on their shared birthdays.

Over the next (7) yrs. they had (3) children. Keith, Amanda and Emily.

In 1996 eddy found himself struggling with a loss of inner peace as a result of his personal disobedience to God’s call to holiness.

On January 4th 1996 he surrendered everything he was and had hoped to be to the LORD.

After surrendering his life, the Journey or perhaps an adventure with the Lord began.

It’s been more rewarding than anything imaginable.  

When he was a young child his parents helped start Greer Baptist Church.

Following his rededication, it was made his home church where he started leading bible studies

The following year he was asked to serve as Youth Director for Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in Adair.

He was there (2) yrs. when the call came to move his ministry to

Alluwe Baptist Mission until December 2000. 

That’s the year when the Lord called for the Mathews to open there home to foster children.

After fostering several children in 2001 they adopted Annie, Cheyenne and Irvin.

In 2001 the Lords call came for Eddy to take early retirement from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and move to Calvin first in southeast Oklahoma where he served (2 1/2) years as Senior Pastor And later (2 1/2) yrs. in Paoli. 

September 2005, they were called back to Mayes County area and he served as Senior Pastor until December 2014.  When he accepted a job as an officer with GRDA and later accepted the position of Police Chaplain.

Father’s Day 2015 Eddy accepted the call to serve as Associate pastor with Utopia.

Over the past (20) yrs. Eddy has been on several mission trips including over a dozen trips to Old Mexico,Nicaragua, Sudan Africa. As well as many local and out of state trips including Colorado, Iowa and Texas.His hobbies are Gardening, Fishing and hiking.Sandy and Eddy also love to spend as much time as possible with there (2) granddaughters.   

Worship & Youth leader:

Tim Webb

Timmy has been a leader at Utopia since 2007.

he was born in Mayes county in 1963, He was raised on a dairy farm all of his life. he meet the love of his life Lori Hockman in Highschool and married in  1983, they raised three beautiful girls in a small one bathroom house!

Timmy has been singing since he was old enough to talk. When Timmy was 11 yrs old he realized he was lost. Pleasant hope Baptist Church is where he was saved it was during revival meeting once the invitation time was given. the pastor asked him " are you ready to be saved?" With a serious YES they knelt and prayed and Timmy's life was changed, he was soon baptized and on the road to live for Jesus. With many bumps,darts and snares thrown at him by the enemy in life. He was ordained as a deacon at the Pleasant Hope Baptist Church. Later in life he was ordained as a Music Minister and served at Adair 1st Baptist for a little over 3 years.

Then God moved his ministry  to Utopia where he serves as Worship leader and Youth pastor. 

"I still struggle with Satan, but I love God's word and have the Holy Spirits help with me every day to face each trial. Jesus has never left me or forsaken me and I know He never will. I am blessed to have God's loving people around me to help and encourage, just as the Bible tells us to. I hope to reach others for Jesus, while looking for doors to open to share the gospel and i'll continue to faithfully serve until He takes me home.  

Utopia is one of the most loving groups of God's people there is. I'm thankful to be a part of it."