Who We Are

We are businessmen and women, housewives, school teachers, students, factory workers, young and old people from this community who have come together to worship and serve Jesus Christ. We have acknowledged that we are sinners, separated from God, and bound for hell, and have trusted Jesus as our only means of salvation. We believe he died on the cross to pay the debt of our sin and rose from the dead the third day, proving that his sacrifice was sufficient, and that he is now seated at the right hand of God, making intercession for his people.


We believe that we are saved by grace through faith, and that when we received that grace we were made a new creation, with a new desire to serve our Lord. Also, that we were placed in the body of Christ (the church) as God has seen fit and we were placed there for the benefit of the body, and ourselves. Because of this we are dedicated to attending regularly, serving willingly, giving generously, and living worthily. We hope you'll join us as we serve our Savior Jesus Christ.